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0 September 06, 2012



0 August 04, 2012


Lazarus at the Gate is based on research conducted by Gary VanderPol during his doctoral studies in theology at Boston University. The core exegetical conclusions in this course have been shaped by his experience as a pastor, missionary, and seminary professor. You’ll learn more about the path that shaped Gary’s perspective on economic discipleship in the Author’s Note, as well as his introductions to several of the chapters.

0 August 04, 2012


Lazarus at the Gate is a small group discipleship experience designed to impact global poverty.

0 August 04, 2012

Wayne Grudem’s Misuse of Scripture in “Politics According to the Bible”

Book cover

I’m reading Wayne Grudem’s recent book, Politics According to the Bible(Zondervan, 2010). A conservative, Grudem is responding to books from the left like Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics. In my opinion, he makes some good points and some not so good points. Since this blog focuses on money, simplicity, giving, and justice, I thought I’d offer an evaluation of Grudem’s sections on “economics”, “private property”, and “giving to the poor”. In this area, I’m very disappointed.

2 July 29, 2012

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